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Future of Talent Institute Weekly - Issue #22


Future of Talent Institute Weekly

August 7 · Issue #22 · View online
Weekly Trends and Ideas that Make a Difference

How to Find the Best People by Market Mapping
Where are the people you are looking for? Where do they currently work?
When I started as a recruiter we spent hours creating org charts of our competitors trying to find out who held what positions. We used all sorts of subterfuges from calling and asking to speak with the head of engineering, hoping we could learn his name, to asking new employees to bring a copy of the company phone book so we could look up different people.
The Internet has changed everything. We can easily look people up on LinkedIn or Facebook, search the web, and do so globally as well as locally.
Yet, it is still an art to learn who are the best and which people you would really like to reach out and connect with. The articles below offer tips and techniques to help.
Candidate Mapping for Top Talent | Intellerati Blog
The Best Hires Are Right Under Your Nose - Use This System to Never Miss Them Again | First Round Review
What Is Market Mapping and How Do You Do It?
How to use recruiter for talent market mapping to identify more right fit candidates
Cartography and the Art of Talent Mapping (Video)
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